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Give your trusty steed a treat

Hey Presta offer a full bike detailing package for your bike throughout Bath and Bristol. 

Using high end detailing products, we remove imperfections from your paintwork, restore the paintwork using a single stage machine polishing technique and apply a ceramic coatings to protect your prized possession. 

Using a specific machine polisher (perfectly designed for bike geometry), this process will remove light defects such as swirl marks and blemishes. The treatment will also restore levels of gloss to tired looking paintwork, caused mainly by light wash marring from poor wash practices.

Sometimes new bikes are handed over to customers containing factory and dealership inflicted imperfections. We can provide paint correction treatments to remove these and have your bike looking as it should. 

Perhaps you’ve bought a pre-loved rocket? The same applies; make that bike look as good as new! 

All our treatments consist of a 3 part decontamination process prior to any coatings being applied along with a multi-stage hand wash. 

Hey Presta specialise in bike care along with high end and high performing protection. 

We offer a protective ceramic coating package which will last for months. These coatings offer enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance along with a chemical and UV barrier. 

To accompany the paintwork resilience, the finish will leave your bike looking, glossier in appearance and exude excellent hydrophobic properties that will allow for far easier future wash maintenance.

Pair our detailing package with the Presta Pro service for the ultimate in high-end bike care!



£160 with the Presta Pro (save £15)

(Recommended as part of Presta Pro service)


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A full frame polish is usually performed as part of the Presta Pro service (however it can be done as a stand alone)

Frame is polished removing blemishes and surface scratches

All bike parts re-instated as per Presta Pro service



£195 with the Presta Pro (save £10)

(Includes pick-up and drop-off)


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As per full frame polish with added ceramic coating

All bike parts re-instated as per Presta Pro service

Repels all dirt and grime making your bike much easier to maintain

looking for something specific?

New Brake Cable (Single) £15

Replace the inner brake cable and adjust

Brake Bleed (Each) £25

Bleed disc brakes and replacing brake fluid.

Brake Service (Per End) £25

Remove front or rear braking system. Replace cable and pads. Clean the brake surfaces. Re-fit, re-grease & set-up.

Brake Service (Pair) £45

Remove front & rear braking system. Replace cable and pads. Clean the brake surfaces. Re-fit, re-grease & set-up

Chain & Cassette Change £30

Replace the chain and rear cassette

*we can source the parts for an extra cost

Bottom Bracket Service £30

Remove bottom bracket and clean surface. Check bearings, adjust &replaced (if required). Re-grease & re-fit.

Derailleur Hanger Alignment

Remove the derailleur and clean. Straighten the hanger. Readjust gears.

Remove old group set and replace with new

External gears & mechanical brakes £120

Internal gears & mechanical brakes £135

Internal gears & hydraulic brakes £175

Electronic gears & hydraulic brakes*

Headset Service £30

Remove the headset. Check, adjust and replace bearings.
Re-grease & re-fit.

Fork Fitting £30

Remove old forks. Clean and re-grease headset bearings. Replace new forks

Handlebar Fitting (Internally Routed extra cost) £30

Remove bar tape. Remove gears/brakes. Remove old handlebars. Replace with new handlebars. Replace gears and brakes. Re-fit old bar tape 

Handlebar Tape Fit (tape not included) £15
Remove old bar tape. Fit new tape.

Tubeless Install (per wheel) £30

Installing new tubeless setup

Tyre Fitting (per wheel) £15

Fitting a single new tyre

Puncture Fix £15

(inner-tube not included)

Wheel Build (per wheel) £45

New wheel build

Hub Service (Per Hub) £30

Remove & check bearings. Adjusted (and replaced) if necessary. Re-grease and re-fit.

We can fit a wide range of accessories from bottle cages to computer mounts to paniers and mudguards.

The starting price for fitting any accessory.


In-situ full wash and dry £30

In-situ Drive-Train solvent clean £15

Remove & clean chain (new split link provided). Clean front & rear derailleurs. Clean cassette. Clean chain rings. Check for chain wear. Re-grease.

Drive train clean (with solvent) – Removed £35

Remove & clean chain (new split link provided). Remove & clean front & rear derailleurs. Remove & clean cassette. Remove & clean chain rings. Check for chain wear. Re-grease.

pick-up & drop-off

With a pick-up and drop-off service for your beloved steed across Bath & Bristol, we take the utmost care when handling your precious bundle of joy.

We will pick up your bike from anywhere within a 10-mile radius of BS31 absolutely free of charge! 

We then bring it to our workshop (under 24 hour CCTV) and return it to you ASAP looking and riding fantastic

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